metal fabrication and compressed air
Pushing the "Easy Button"

Simplify and Stabilize

Metal Fabricator Pushes the "Easy Button" with Compressed Air System

Precision metal fabricator reduces energy costs by 40% despite increase 20% growth in average demand.


A precision metal fabricator was spending considerable time and money maintaining their aging compressed air system -- time that would be better spent on their business. A 40 hp, modulating control compressor supplied the flow, but problems with downtime had them looking for a more reliable solution. Additionally, even with their back-up 40 hp unit, system pressure fluctuations caused frequent disruptions to their compressed air supply, impacting reliability at the point-of-use and left them wondering if their compressor was undersized.


A comprehensive Air Demand Analysis (ADA) revealed that the modulating compressor was actually oversized -- and in a big way. The compressor was running on average at only 30% capacity and could not respond to the system-wide pressure fluctuations -- all the while consuming nearly full power and racking up their energy and maintenance bills. A single 20 hp dual control compressor could reliably supply the flow and keep energy costs low. And to make it even easier, authorized Kaeser technicians could handle the installation and all annual maintenance. 


The 20 hp compressor has reduced their energy costs by 40% -- even though growth has increased their average demand by 20%. The second 20 hp compressor provides complete redundancy and with the two compressors splitting the load, maintenance costs have been cut as well. They no longer have to continually monitor the system for pressure drops and worry about disruptions their compressed air supply. This new split system was just the "easy button" solution they were looking for.

  • Specific power of previous system: 48.09 kW/100 cfm
  • Specific power of new system: 22.47 kW/100 cfm
  • Annual energy costs of previous system: $19,716
  • Annual energy cost savings: $7,958
  • Utility rebate: $6,680
  • Total first year savings: $14,638
  • Simple payback period: 1.8 years