Inland, near shore and offshore aquaculture

Compressed air and low pressure equipment for aquaculture

Sea Pen Aeration to protect your fish.

Aquaculture is a major source of affordable, safe food around the world and will help feed our growing global population. Kaeser is committed to supporting this important industry with sustainable, energy-saving air technologies for hatcheries, ponds, offshore and recirculating aquaculture systems in fish, crustacean, mollusk and aquatic vegetation.

Kaeser blowers and compressors are well known for their efficiency and reliability, making them ideal for a wide variety of critical applications, including: 

  • Aeration/oxygenation 
  • Ballast/lifting for offshore cage farming 
  • Bubble curtains 
  • Carcass removal 
  • Instrumentation and automation
  • Oxygen generation systems 
  • Pneumatic feeding systems 
  • Processing and packaging equipment

Kaeser products for these aquaculture applications include: