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Compressed air and vacuum systems for wood products manufacturing

compressed air for woodworking

Compressed air and vacuum systems are vital to the woodworking industry. Whether you are manufacturing furniture, building cabinets, or processing lumber, air is used to power pneumatic tools and equipment such as:

  • small hand tools including sanders, nail and brad guns, staplers
  • moulders
  • conveying equipment
  • CNC routers
  • edge banders
  • paint spraying equipment
  • laminating equipment
  • material handling equipment
  • finishing systems

Compressed air products for the woodworking industry

compressed air for furniture manufacturing, woodworking
Our screw blowers are a cost-effective solution for vacuum hold down in CNC router table applications.

Kaeser offers compressed air and vacuum systems for cabinet shops, millworks, and wood product manufacturers of all sizes. Our product line includes: 

How can Kaeser help you?

The first challenge for any compressed air user, from small woodshops to large furniture manufacturers, is determining how much air you need to power all air tools and air users, and then finding out where your air leaks are draining money from your operating budget. An Air Demand Analysis audit with one of our air system specialists will evaluate current needs and incorporate scalability and room for growth. Fixing even a just a portion of leaks identified by a leak audit will provide immediate savings in energy costs.

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