Blowers for pneumatic conveying applications

Pneumatic conveying blowers

use blowers for pneumatic conveying of grains and other bulk materials

Low pressure air and vacuum are critical elements of most pneumatic conveying systems. A conveyor system will use either negative or positive conveying to pull (negative conveying with vacuum) or push (positive conveying with blowers) bulk materials from one place to another. Plant operators need to keep these lines working smoothly and efficiently to avoid material losses.

Whether you use bare blowers to integrate with other equipment or you purchase a complete blower package, you want equipment that is tough, reliable, and quiet. Kaeser blowers are known for their durability, giving you extra years of service for your money, and they are the quietest on the market.

Keep reading to learn more about our products for pneumatic conveying applications.


Kaeser compressed air products for pneumatic conveying

Bare rotary lobe blower blocks

Rotary lobe blower single blocks for installation in OEM system solutions

Our bare block blowers provide maximum flexibility. The OMEGA series blowers with their three-lobe rotors minimize pulsation and include a wide range of rotary lobe blowers for stationary and mobile applications. They are manufactured in state-of-the-art, climate-controlled CNC production facilities and are rigorously tested at full load.

Blower Packages

industrial blowers

Kaeser blowers are easy to maintain and deliver pressurized oil-free air quietly and efficiently for a wide range of applications. Tri-lobe, screw and high speed turbo blowers provide efficient and reliable low pressure for conveying, aeration, and process applications. Our complete package design reduces engineering, installation and commissioning time and costs.

Vacuum pumps

BSV 81 rotary screw vacuum package from KAESER KOMPRESSOREN.

Our rotary screw vacuum pumps feature a SIGMA profile airend specifically designed for vacuum applications such as hold down for CNC router tables, vacuum forming, thermoforming, packaging, bottle and tube filling, drying, degassing, and filtration.

  • Volume: 166 to 551 acfm
  • Final vacuum: 99%
  • Pressure range: 10-29" HgV

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