Sigma Air Utility

Compressed air at a fixed price

With the Sigma Air Utility operator model, you will secure a reliable supply of compressed air tailored to your needs – practically at the push of a button: You simply give us a few square feet of floor space, and we'll take care of the rest. Instead of investing in a complete compressed air station, all you pay for is the compressed air you actually use.

Here's how Kaeser's Sigma Air Utility operator model works:

  • We'll analyze your compressed air needs and draw up an individual concept – based on what is required.
  • Next we will build, install and operate the compressed air system.
  • Our Kaeser Teleservice, the logistics center and our extensive global service network ensure that compressed air is available at all times.

With the Sigma Air Utility operator model, you pay a fixed basic price that covers an agreed quantity of compressed air. When larger amounts are needed, a fixed contractual price applies for the additional quantities used.
All prices remain in effect for the entire duration of the contract, which means no price increases.

Your advantages

  • No compressed air worries:
    We offer everything from a single expert source: from the analysis of your compressed air needs to the machines and service. That lets you and your personnel concentrate fully on your core tasks.
  • From variable costs to predictable costs:
    Sigma Air Utility takes the uncertainty out of operating an air system. Your employees will have time for other tasks. That means: You have more liquidity, are saved from tapping into your working capital and have greater flexibility in deploying your personnel.
  • A system scaled to your needs:
    A competitive market brings ups and downs. Are you cutting back your output, or perhaps stepping it up? Are you relocating your operations? With Sigma Air Utility you can remain flexible. We will adjust your compressed air supply to your needs.
Automatic long-term savings
Life-cycle costs

We always take care of operation, support and optimization of your compressed air supply system, ensuring your system is always state-of-the-art, in terms of both technology and energy efficiency. Our goal: Keeping your life-cycle costs as low as possible.

Flexible, adaptable, scalable
Kaeser's engineered packages are scaleable to facility requirements

Complete systems with compressors, blower packages, boosters, vacuum packages, compressed air filters, refrigerated dryers, desiccant dryers, condensate management, piping, and more, are selected according to your application.

Our design and engineering team works with you to carefully review your needs and specifications to build a complete system to exceed your expectations. Using the latest in CAD technology, we can create detailed P&I schematics, dimensional, and even 3D drawings of proposed systems. Our design service takes the guesswork out of facility planning.


The Sigma Air Utility operator model in detail


Smart, safe, secure

Kaeser customers who choose our SIGMA AIR UTILITY contracting model save on the costs of investing in their own compressed air station and instead purchase the compressed air at a pre-agreed price per cubic foot.

By having Kaeser operate and manage their compressed air supply, customers also benefit from maximum energy efficiency and system reliability over the long term. Our service center constantly monitors the system and ensures that it is kept up to date both from technological and energy efficiency perspectives.

Your advantages

  • Carefree compressed air: 
    You focus on your core business – we take care of the rest.
  • From fixed costs to variable costs: 
    Your business assets remain liquid and untouched.
  • A compressed air system as large as your needs: 
    We can easily adjust capacity for you – upwards or downwards.
Variable costs, not fixed costs

It's no coincidence that the shift from fixed to variable costs is one of the most important management challenges:

  • It serves to preserve liquidity in the event of a sharp drop in turnover in an economic downturn. This is one way of ensuring that the company remains viable even when times are hard.
  • By maintaining a high equity quota, you will improve your financial ratings, which will help to keep borrowing costs low.
Variable costs rather than fixed costs with SIGMA AIR UTILITY
In times of crisis, the Sigma Air Utility operator model will limit the impact on your return on sales.
Your one-stop shop

A comprehensive service package

Compressed air is too important to production to risk leaving its supply to anyone other than proven specialists with extensive expertise. Kaeser's service bundle includes everything you need – and it all fits together perfectly:

  • Kaeser delivers a compressed air supply precisely aligned with requirements, both in terms of quantity and quality – as assessed by our compressed air specialists.
  • As a compressor manufacturer and compressed air system provider, Kaeser produces the hardware – compressors, compressed air treatment systems and state-of-the-art compressed air management systems – at globally recognized "Made in Germany" quality standards.
  • Your Sigma Air Utility compressed air supply is operated and managed by Kaeser. We design, manufacture, install and maintain all components and optimize your system as a whole. Not only that: We naturally also take responsibility for ensuring that your compressed air supply system operates safely and complies with all applicable standards and regulations at all times.
  • And finally, the Kaeser Teleservice and our extensive international logistics and service network ensure that downtime – for example due to long waiting periods for spare parts – is a thing of the past.

With Kaeser, contractually agreed compressed air supply – in terms of quality, quantity, and pressure – will be available at all times.

Hybrid service bundle
Everything fits: Kaeser's comprehensive hybrid service bundle extends from the needs analysis to performance monitoring.
Tailor-made: Modular system solutions
Tailor-made: Modular design system solution with SIGMA AIR UTILITY

From compressors and air treatment components to the electronic controls: all of your compressed air supply components are precisely matched.

The fine-tuned modular structure is made possible by the extensive range of products and accessories that we can offer as a leading compressed air system provider.

What enables us to align the system with your needs is the analytical skill of our experts, applying the measurement techniques specifically designed for Kaeser.


Predictable and flexible

The SIGMA FLEX operator model allows you to use a new compressed air system without the need for investment costs. This provides you with maximum costing security and allows you to benefit from all of the advantages that an advanced compressed air system has to offer, e.g. outstanding energy efficiency. Needless to say, we take care of all service and maintenance tasks. The model uses a demand-based billing plan.

Your advantages

  • Great flexibility:
    The system can always be adapted to your (growing) needs – even during the contract period.
  • Inclusion of existing machines:
    Existing machines can also be included in the compressed air station.
  • Integrated service:
    You not only get a compressed air system, but also a full service package covering servicing and maintenance.
  • Maximum cost transparency:
    Thanks to the fixed basic rate, you can enjoy maximum planning security with no unexpected service costs.
BASF Coatings operates more efficiently with compressed air contracting
Embracing colour

BASF Coatings working more efficiently with compressed air contracting

The Munster-based paint specialist uses compressed air supplied by Kaeser for its entire production, thereby saving € 30,000 per year.

Reference project: BASF Coatings