Rotary screw vacuum pumps

Turnkey solutions for industrial vacuum applications

Our rotary screw vacuum pumps feature a SIGMA profile airend specifically designed for vacuum applications such as hold down for CNC router tables, packaging, bottle and tube filling, drying, degassing, and filtration.

  • Volume: 168 to 555 acfm
  • Final vacuum: 99 %
  • Pressure range: 10-29" HgV

Your advantages

  • Extremely efficient:
    IE3 motors
  • Quiet operation:
    Soundproofing and vibration isolation mounts ensure low noise levels and smooth, quiet operation.
  • Easy installation and service-friendly:
    All units arrive piped and wired, ready for installation. Wide-opening doors and a removable rear panel facilitate easy access to all maintenance components.
Lower your operating costs
Life-cycle costs

The V-belt drive system with automatic tensioning powers the airend at precisely the right speed. The motor power is transmitted to the airend as efficiently as possible, saving energy and improving package reliability.


Take a closer look at our rotary screw vacuum pumps


Vacuum airend

  • Rotary screw vacuum airend with energy-saving SIGMA profile
  • V-belt Drive
  • Automatic belt tensioning
  • Inlet valve controlled by a solenoid valve
  • Cooling oil pump (gear pump)
  • Inlet air temperatures up to +115 °F

Electric motor

Premium efficiency motors used in rotary screw vacuum pumps
  • Premium Efficiency IE3
  • IP 55 (ASV series: IP 54)
  • Class F insulation
  • 230 / 460 V, 3-phase, 60 Hz


  • Air-cooled aluminum fluid cooler
  • Designed for ambient temperatures up to +105 °F

Cooling fluid circuit

  • Thermostatic valve
  • Bypass of full-flow micro-filter with replaceable insert
  • Combined fluid reservoir and separator tank with pressure relief valve
  • Multi-stage separator cartridge
  • Fluid level sight glass, drain valve, and hose
  • Quick-release couplings for measuring pressure differential
  • Separator cartridge

Control cabinet

  • IP 54
  • 115V control voltage
  • Direct motor start-up
  • Motor overload protection relay

General design

ASV series: View inside the compact enclosure.
  • Compact enclosure mounted on a solid base frame equipped with anti-vibration mounts
  • Powder-coated surfaces
  • Mineral wool soundproof lining
  • Access doors on top and side
  • Replaceable cooling air filter
  • Airend and motor on anti-vibration mounts
  • Flexible piping
  • Belt drive and fan with full guard
  • Vacuum filter with pressure transducer to indicate clogging
  • Infinite control of inlet valve opening via partial-load controller
  • Units shipped standard with Dual control. Other control profiles available for selection.
  • Gas ballast unit for enhanced water vapor tolerance


SIGMA CONTROL 2 compressor controller
  • "Traffic-light" LED indicators show operational status at a glance
  • Plain text display
  • 30 selectable languages
  • Soft-touch keys with icons
  • Fully automated monitoring and control
  • Dual, Quadro, Vario and Continuous control profiles included as standard
  • Interfaces: Ethernet
  • Additional optional communications modules for: Profibus DP, Modbus, Profinet and DeviceNet
  • SD-card slot for data-logging and updates
  • RFID reader
  • Web server
Schematic illustration
Component layout of a rotary screw vacuum pump
  1. Inlet filter
  2. Inlet valve (vacuum regulator)
  3. Airend
  4. Cooling oil pump (gear pump)
  5. Gas ballast air filter
  6. Gas ballast silencer
  7. Thermostatic valve with oil filter
  1. Oil cooler
  2. Drive motor
  3. Oil separator tank
  4. Oil separator cartridge
  5. Exhaust air
  6. Fan
Technical specifications

The technical specifications can be found in this brochure: