185 cfm Air Compressor | Tier 4 Final Diesel Engine

M55PE Mobilair Compressor

Kaeser's new M55 portable air compressor produces 185 cfm at 100 psig and features two large gull-wing doors made of roto-molded polyethylene (PE). These allow quick access to all components for easy servicing and reduced noise levels. 

Other benefits include:

  • The steel chassis, torsion bar suspension, oversized tires, and lighting package ensure easy portability, safety, and excellent road handling.
  • The high-capacity, cold start battery assures year round reliability. 
  • The combination of the Sigma Profile airend and the proven Kubota Tier 4 Final diesel engine delivers superior fuel economy and reliability. 
  • On-board controller ensures reliable and efficient operation.
  • Touch-button controls enable simple pressure adjustments.
  • Maintenance reminders and operating/service history alerts readily available to your service team. 

This unit is designed for:

  • heavy-duty civil and commercial construction
  • rental houses
  • demolition
  • sand blasting
  • other site work applications 
  • portable backup for stationary units


Take a closer look at our 185 cfm air compressors

Standard features
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  • Adjustable up to 125 psig
  • Energy efficient Sigma Profile airend produces more air with less horsepower 
  • Heavy-duty 3-cylinder Kubota diesel engine meets Tier 4 Final EPA emissions standards 
  • Sigma Control Smart electronic controller within the eye-level, rear side instrument panel with protective metal cover 
  • Extra-large 21 gallon fuel tank for up to 8 continuous hours of operation 
  • High capacity cold start battery ensures reliable operation 
  • Exclusive anti-frost valve maintains optimum operating temperature and prevents tool freeze up
  • 15" wheels for higher ground clearance and on/off road maneuverability and site handling
  • Lifting eye for easy transport and transfer
Optional features
Compressed air treatment
  • Aftercooler package 
  • 145 psig model 
  • Five year airend warranty
Technical specifications

For technical specifications, see the brochure below.