Energy efficient solution for high pressure applications

Do you require high pressure compressed air only at certain points in your production process? If so, the use of boosters is far more efficient than designing the entire system to deliver high pressure compressed air. 

Applications such as plastic (PET) bottle blowing and pressure testing often require higher pressures than plant air systems can provide. Kaeser boosters combined with our high pressure air treatment are the smart way to meet high pressure requirements for specific points of use in your plant. They reduce capital and energy costs compared to running a separate high pressure compressed air system.

An overview of our boosters

N Series boosters

N 253 G to N 502 G boosters, air-cooled

The N-series offers users a wide range of versions with different outputs – so you're sure to find the booster that's perfectly suited to your rotary screw compressor.

  • Continuous high pressure up to 650 psig
  • With one, two, or three cylinders
  • Increased efficiency thanks to a premium efficiency electric motor and intelligent cooling system
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N Series boosters


SIGMA PET AIR complete booster system

The complete system for PET container production

  • All components are operation-ready and installed on a frame
  • Straightforward transport and rapid installation
  • The use of only two compression stages results in low maintenance requirement
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