Quiet and complete compressed air packages

Clean, dry compressed air with a space-saving design

Our AIRTOWER and AIRCENTER models combine a rotary screw compressor, refrigerated dryer, and air receiver in a single, compact package. Their small footprint makes these complete systems the perfect solution for workshops and smaller industrial facilities.

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    SXC "compact" series rotary screw compressors

    Shop air compressor with tank and dryer

    • Easy plug and play operation
    • Up to 7.5 hp
    • Rugged polyethylene enclosure
    • SIGMA CONTROL BASIC controller with energy-saving start-stop control

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    Premium quality complete systems

    • Up to 20 hp
    • Simplex (one compressor) and duplex (two compressors) configurations available
    • Efficient SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller with energy-saving control modes

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