Air receivers

Arrangement: vertical or horizontal
Volume: 30 to 8000 gallons
Special sizes available on request

Air receivers are an important link in the compressed air chain: as storage media or buffers for peak load demand.

Because we look at the overall system, we focus on properly sized, easy installation, and a comprehensive range of accessories to select the right air receiver for your system.

  • Receiver sizes: 25 – 2,642 gal
  • Maximum permissible gauge pressure: 160, 232, 650 or 725 psig
  • Fittings, valves and instruments for every application
  • Complete sets for condensate separation

Your advantages

  • Low inspection costs:
    Rigorous construction to the AD-2000 standard enables inspection cycles of five years. You save money and improve your efficiency.
  • 300% increased service life:
    Thanks to hot-dip internal and external galvanization to DIN EN ISO 1461, KAESER air receivers last approximately three times as long as conventional air receivers.
  • Quick and secure installation:
    The threads of KAESER air receivers are precision re-cut after galvanization.

Your investment advantage: KAESER Life Cycle Management
Life-cycle costs

KAESER air receivers – they not only ensure optimal tightness and durability but also feature many details designed to deliver long-term time and money savings, for example, the intelligent transport securing system and the ultra-easily accessible service openings.


Product details

Installation downstream of compressed air treatment
Air main charging system (DHS) – Installation downstream from air treatment
  1. Compressors
  2. Refrigeration dryer with ECO-DRAIN
  3. Filtration with ECO-DRAIN
  4. Air receiver with ECO-DRAIN
  1. Condensate treatment
  2. Compressed air network
  3. DHS electronic air-main charging system
Installation upstream of compressed air treatment
Air main charging system (DHS) – Installation upstream from air treatment
  1. Compressor
  2. Air receiver with ECO-DRAIN
  3. Refrigeration dryer with ECO-DRAIN
  4. Filtration with ECO-DRAIN
  1. Condensate treatment
  2. DHS electronic air-main charging system
  3. Compressed air network
Accessories: Valves and condensate drains

Complete valve sets

Made-to-fit valve sets comprising:

  • Ball valve
  • Safety relief valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Drain valve
  • Seals and small parts

ECO-DRAIN complete sets

  • Electronically controlled condensate drain for greater reliability
  • Available as a complete set, including mounting parts matched to your air receiver