Reliable and efficient moisture protection

Compressed air contains water vapor and as it travels through compressed air piping, it cools and the vapor condenses into liquid condensate. This condensate increases maintenance requirements and affects product quality. Kaeser offers a wide range of efficient compressed air dryers.

Contact us if you'd like help selecting the right dryer for your air quality, pressure dew point, and flow needs.

An overview of our compressed air dryers

Refrigerated dryers

Refrigeration dryers

Refrigerated dryers are a cost effective solution that meet the needs for a wide range of applications.

  • Compressed air drying for stable PDP +38 °F
  • Maximum working pressure: 232 psig
  • Flow rate: 10 to 12,500 scfm
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Desiccant dryers

Desiccant dryers from Kaeser Kompressoren.

Pressure dew points in the sub-zero range for sensitive industrial processes, for areas at risk of frost or for use as process air

  • Pressure dew points down to -94 °F
  • Choice of heatless regenerative (DC series) or heat regenerative (DW series)
  • Flow rate 7 to 6858 cfm
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Membrane dryers

membrane dryer - KMM, membrane dryer for compressed air system

Low pressure dew points for low flow rates – when space is at a premium or for mobile applications

  • PDP levels to -40 °F
  • Innovative flow concept for enhanced reliability and efficient drying
  • Flow rates at the inlet up to 155 scfm
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Membrane dryers

Combination dryers

HYBRITEC combination dryer

Combine the energy-saving operation of modern refrigerated dryers with the low pressure dew points of desiccant dryers

  • Selectable PDP levels between −40 °F and +38 °F
  • Energy-saving control for refrigerated dryers and desiccant dryer section
  • Flow rate 700 to 5300 scfm
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Combination dryers