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CSD rotary screw compressor


Kaeser at the Hannover Messe: Innovative and sustainable from the very beginning

This year marks the 75th birthday of the Hannover Messe, at which Kaeser Kompressoren has been an exhibitor since 1954. For the compressed air specialist based in the Bavarian region of Upper Franconia, it has always been very important not merely to be a producer of compressed air components. Even then, economy, efficiency, dependability and sustainability were key criteria behind all of the company’s new developments, driven by constant innovation and refinement. Naturally, this remains true for the new products that will be launched in 2023.

EBS blower


EBS Rotary Screw Blowers: Pure efficiency

The EBS 410 rotary screw blower from Kaeser represents a new milestone in the development of oil-free compression blower technology, designed especially with water industry applications in mind.

Kaeser Compressors, Inc. introduces the redesigned SM series rotary screw compressors.

New models fill critical niche for small to mid-size treatment plants.

Efficient and reliable, the M82 provides 10 hours of continuous operation.

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