Air compressors for car wash systems

Compressed air systems for automated car washing

car wash

Automated car washes rely heavily on many pneumatic valves and actuators with high cycling rates. The integrity of the lubrication and seals in these devices is critical to proper mechanical operation and through-put.

Piston compressors operate at much higher temperatures than screw compressors. They are often oversized and run at unnecessary high pressure so that they can periodically shut off and cool down to prevent compressor failure.  Further, the hotter air holds more moisture that will make its way to your pneumatic devices. Over time, this hot, wet compressed air strips away the lubricants in valves, cylinders and actuators. The resulting accelerated/premature wear of seals causes pneumatic devices to drag and stick. Coils in solenoids burn out trying to actuate stuck or sluggish valves. These failures result in more frequent maintenance, repair and replacement (in the case of “lubed for life” devices). In addition to the higher operating costs, the downtime for these repairs interrupts operations and causes loss of revenue.

Compared to the commonly used piston style compressor, the Kaeser AIRTOWER package with compressor, tank, dryer and liquid drain delivers air that is much cooler, cleaner and drier. This greatly prolongs the life of pneumatic devices,  and because it is a screw compressor, it can run continuously without overheating.

Savings from lower operating costs and downtime far outweigh the higher cost of the AIRTOWER.

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