Compressed air for laundry and dry cleaner facilities

Air compressors for dry cleaners and commercial laundries

compressed air for commercial laundry and dry cleaning

From small dry cleaning plants to large industrial laundries, compressed air impacts costs and productivity. Kaeser has the products and expertise to create compressed air solutions that provide stable pressure and clean, dry air to keep your expensive pneumatic equipment running smoothly and with less downtime for maintenance and repairs. At the same time, we know how to optimize your system to reduce wasted energy from over-sizing, leaks and running at the wrong pressure. Kaeser's system design and energy audit services will help you evaluate, analyze, and improve air system efficiency and performance. 

We’ve helped countless laundry and dry cleaning facilities optimize their compressed air systems to overcome common problems: 

  • Unstable or excess pressure that disrupts proper operation of automation/pneumatics 
  • Excess maintenance and downtime of pneumatic equipment from wet, dirty air
  • Wasted electricity from excess pressure, poor controls, leaks and artificial demand
  • Compressor reliability issues caused by poor ventilation, over-sizing, etc.
  • Leaky or undersized piping that doesn’t deliver the air you need
  • Noisy compressors in tight spaces affect both employees and neighbors.

Compressed air products for the laundry and dry cleaning industry

From compressors to air treatment to piping and storage, Kaeser offers a complete selection of compressed air products, including:

Download a free white paper on heat recovery

The heat generated by compressed air systems can be a very good source of energy savings. In fact, 100% of the electrical energy used by an industrial air compressor is converted into heat. 96% of this heat can be recovered (the balance remains in the compressed air or radiates from the compressor into the immediate surroundings). Fill out the form below to download a free white paper which features case study information from a commercial laundry.

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Turning Air Compressors into an Energy Source

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