Air compressors for automotive service and repair shops

Quiet, compact, air compressors for tire service, general maintenance, racing and performance

Kaeser knows that today's automotive facilities have high standards, and with the rising cost of labor, tools, paints, and other materials, re-work is expensive. Dry, clean, compressed air at stable system pressure is essential for reducing wear on air tools and providing high-quality results. From providing air for rugged impact wrenches to high-end automotive paint finishes, Kaeser is the compressed air choice for automotive professionals.

AIRTOWER series air compressor for automotive repair

With a Kaeser air system, you get products that have proven their reliability and efficiency over and over in demanding industrial applications across the country.

If you need air for fleet service, body and paint work, tire service or general repairs, the most reliable and efficient source of high-quality compressed air is a Kaeser compressed air system.

Whether you prefer separate components or fully integrated packages, Kaeser offers everything for a complete, high-quality air system.

AIRCENTER Series: complete compressed air systems

Series Flow at 125 psig [cfm] Motor power [hp] Dimensions [in] Sound level (dB(A))
SX AIRCENTER 12 - 28 3 - 7.5 23 1/4 x 43 x 61 3/8 61 - 66
SM AIRCENTER 33 - 55 7.5 - 15 24 3/4 x 48 x 67 3/4 65 - 68
SK AIRCENTER 71 - 88 15 - 20 29 1/2 x 52 1/2 x 74 67 - 68

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