Air compressors for plastics industry

Compressed air for plastics manufacturing

plastic bottle production line - air compressors for plastic manufacturing
Plastic bottle production

Compressed air and vacuum are critical to the plastics production and manufacturing sectors for a variety of critical applications including: 

  • Complete compressed air systems to reliably feed a wide variety of pneumatic equipment throughout the plant including molding and extrusion machines, robotics, and air knives, just to name a few. 
  • Compressors and blowers for both dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying. 
  • Low pressure blowers for aeration processes such as waste water treatment. 
  • High pressure boosters and air treatment equipment for PET bottling lines 
  • Vacuum pumps for thermoforming 

Beyond products, however, Kaeser offers expertise — because despite their importance, air systems are often poorly understood and managed. Oversizing and lack of controls waste power. Poor air quality as well as inconsistent pressure and flow reduce productivity by increasing scrap and production equipment downtime. And between leaks, improper uses and artificial demand, nearly half the air produced is wasted. 

Kaeser has performed tens of thousands of air system analyses and has the expertise to deliver compressed air, blower and vacuum solutions for your plastics applications that will increase uptime and productivity while noticeably reducing power costs.

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