Collision Repair

Air compressors for painting in auto body shops and collision repair

Quiet and reliable air compressors for your shop

compressed air for paint booth and automotive finishes

The best collision and automotive finishing shops choose Kaeser compressors to supply air to their compressed air tools. Our customers don't want to compromise finish quality or waste time and materials re-doing paint jobs. They understand the value of a well-designed and reliable compressed air system and know the benefits of clean, dry air.

If you are a bodyshop or automotive refinisher you may be facing the challenge of switching to waterborne paints. These coatings have a reputation of being less tolerant of moisture and other contaminants, and many industry professionals say that the change to waterborne basecoats will require new equipment and retrofits.

Kaeser has many years of experience providing the right compressed air solutions for coating applications. We can help you determine if you need anything to prepare for waterborne paint.