Collision Repair and Automotive Finishes

Clean, reliable, compressed air for collision repair and custom paint and body

compressed air for paint booth and automotive finishes

The best collision and automotive finishing shops choose Kaeser compressors to supply air to their compressed air tools. Our customers don't want to compromise finish quality or waste time and materials re-doing paint jobs. They understand the value of a well-designed and reliable compressed air system and know the benefits of clean, dry air.

Kaeser has many years of experience providing the right compressed air solutions for coating applications. We can help you determine the right compressor and ancillary products for your shop.

Piston or rotary screw?

KC Mathieu uses Kaeser compressors in his paint shop for perfect paint finishes
"My customers expect perfection so I knew I needed the best when I opened up my new shop. My Kaeser compressed air system provides the clean, dry air I need for the perfect finish." — KC Mathieu, KC's Paint Shop, Fort Worth, TX

The impact of compressed air on workflow and product quality is often overlooked. Compressed air—like electricity and other utilities—is usually taken for granted until there’s a problem and workflow stops. Costly rework due to poor quality paint jobs and workflow interruptions due to inadequate air supply can increase cycle times, causing real monetary losses. The good news: you have complete control over your compressed air system.

One of the first decisions is deciding between a piston compressor and a rotary screw compressor. When comparing the two types, it is important to keep in mind your application needs as well as several key points of the compressor including duty cycle, capacity, oil carry-over, noise levels and discharge temperature to name a few. 

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