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A compressed air audit opens a world of savings opportunities

Sweet Savings

Sweet savings for candy manufacturer

Leading candy and gum manufacturer cuts energy costs with Air Demand Analysis


One of the world's leading candy and gum manufacturers had no idea how much their compressed air system was costing them. Four compressors (total 290 hp) supplied the air needed for pneumatic controls, packaging, and wax line extrusion applications. Excessive water in the compressed air lines, steep maintenance costs, and high noise levels had them looking for a new solution. 


A comprehensive Air Demand Analysis (ADA) established a demand profile for the plant and showed how they were using compressed air throughout the week, It also identified areas of waste and inefficiency. By installing a 100 hp variable frequency drive compressor and two 75 hp fixed speed compressors, they would have all the air needed -- with one of the fixed speeds acting as a back-up. This split system solution would bring energy-- and noise levels-- well under control. A Sigma Air Manager 4.0 master controller could provide on demand energy reports so they would always know how their system was performing and what it was costing.


In just over 9.5 months, the project has paid for itself. Annual energy costs have been cut by more than 800,000 kWh. Part of these savings came from reducing the plant pressure from 125 psi to 100 psi. Additionally, the new energy efficient dryers installed have taken care of the moisture concerns. Needles to say, these savings couldn't get any sweeter.

  • Specific Power of Previous System: 47.16 kW/100 cfm
  • Specific Power of New System: 17.77 kW/100 cfm
  • Annual Energy Costs of Previous System: $128,756 per year
  • Total Annual Energy Savings: $80,235 per year
  • Utility Incentive: $80,200
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