compressed air for automotive production
A dynamic energy efficiency transformation

Automotive Overhaul

Automotive Overhaul

New equipment and smart controls drive a dynamic energy efficiency transformation


An automotive parts manufacturer was experiencing severe inefficiencies with their compressed air system. Three centrifugal compressors vented unused air and the rotary screw compressor cycled on and off too frequently because the system was not properly controlled. Additionally, annual maintenance was excessive, costing around $109,000 each year.


A comprehensive Air Demand Analysis was conducted to build a true demand profile. Based on the audit finding, a new energy efficient system was designed that included a Sigma Air Manager (SAM) system master controller, 450 hp variable frequency drive rotary screw compressor, a 250 hp rotary screw compressor, as well as the rotary screw compressor from the previous system. The old, under-utilized centrifugals were hauled away --- along with their exceptionally high maintenance bills.


The Sigma Air Manager master controller monitors the compressors and selects the most energy-efficient combination of units to meet the fluctuating demand. Thanks to SAM, energy consumption has been reduced by 1,093,600 kWh annually. The system also has much lower maintenance costs and with SAM balancing load hours between the compressors, this cost will continue to be kept at an absolute minimum.

  • Annual energy costs of previous system: $699,779
  • New annual energy cost: $570,733
  • Annual energy cost savings: $129,046
  • Utility rebate: $169,857
  • Total first year savings: $298,893
  • Simple payback period: 17 months