Small portable air compressors up to 92 cfm

The go-to portable compressor:

Versatile, reliable, and easy to transport: Our small compressors feature a compact design to make transporting them easy. Their high-quality motors and impact-resistant PE enclosures mean they're ready for anything.

  • Maximum pressures from 100 to 217 psig (Models M15 – M17)
  • The 217 psig version is ideal for laying trenchless fiber optic cables (Model M17)
  • All models are optionally available with an aftercooler to provide a supply of condensate-free compressed air.

Your advantages

  • Onsite in a snap:
    With a lightweight and compact design, our small portable compressors are easy to transport.
  • Easy to operate:
    User-friendly controls for simple operation without a steep learning curve.
  • Durable and quiet operation:
    Roto-molded polyethylene (PE) enclosures provide optimal noise and impact protection.

Take a closer look at our small portable compressors

Keeping it simple: transport, handling, maintenance

Easy-load design

M17 – Easy-load design

The compressor can be manually lifted via four ergonomically designed hand grips, for easy loading into a truck.

Outstanding maneuverability

M13 – Outstanding manoeuvrability

  • Compact design
  • Low center of gravity
  • Large pneumatic tires 
  • Long, foldable push handle makes the unit easy to maneuver

Easy maintenance is standard

M13 – Exceptional ease-of-maintenance

With Kaeser, ease of operation and accessibility of all maintenance points is always a top priority. This not only minimizes maintenance costs, but also ensures maximum machine uptime.

Optional compressed air aftercooler

Cool, condensate-free compressed air

M17 – Optional compressed air aftercooler

The M15 and M17 models can also be operated with an external compressed air aftercooler. Units can be delivered from the factory equipped with:

  • 12V electrical connection to supply power for the aftercooler fan
  • Condensate discharge connection
  • Support frame with compressed air aftercooler: The frame (weight: 33 lb.) is equipped with fixed connections for compressed air, fan power supply, and condensate discharge. Simply connect the compressor and you're ready to go.

Technical specifications

For technical specifications, see the brochure below.