Condensate treatment: KCF

Condensate disposal made easy

The Kaeser Condensate Filter (KCF) is a convenient and economical way to handle contaminated compressor condensate in most small to midsize systems.  The easily-removable cartridge separates the oil from the water.  The water can be discharged into any municipal drain.  After 4-6 months of use, the cartridge is then sent for proper disposal in the disposal bag provided. 

Important features and advantages:

  • Compatible with most standard lubricants
  • Simple, reliable operation
  • Quick and easy filter cartridge changeout
  • No electricity required for operation
  • Multiple units connect together to handle larger systems
  • Multiple lines can be connected via optional manifold
  • Disposal bag provided with each cartridge


Product details

Integration into the compressed air system
Condensate treatment system
  1. Compressor
  2. Air receiver with ECO-DRAIN
  3. Refrigerated dryer with ECO-DRAIN
  4. Compressed air filter
  1. KCF condensate treatment
  2. Air-main charging valve
  3. Compressed air network
Design - Condensate treatment system
  1. Pressure relief chamber
  2. Separation container for pre-separation stage
  3. Removable particle catcher
  4. Oil container
  5. Prefilters
  6. Main filter cartridge
  7. Water outlet
  8. Drain for reference condensate cloudiness test
Technical specifications

The technical specifications can be found in this brochure: