Rotary lobe blowers – Large packages up to 5650 cfm

Powerful performance with minimal maintenance

With their uniform design concept, our large blower units can be individually configured and expanded to meet your needs. They are easy to maintain and operate, and can be equipped for outdoor installation.

  • High-performance, energy-saving, and low-maintenance blower packages with tri-lobe blower blocks (models HB 1300 PI and 1600 PI)
  • Also available for nitrogen conveying applications (N versions)

Your advantages

  • Also for medium voltage:
    Mains voltage for drive motor up to 6,600 V.
  • Easy configuration and maintenance:
    If required, the units can be configured for variable speed operation. In case more power is needed or for scheduled maintenance work, the motor, transmission or block can easily be changed on-site.
  • Low energy costs:
    The superior air flow design and the separate sound enclosure fan motor ensure optimal cooling even at full power. The automatic belt tensioning device prevents transmission losses to ensure maximum efficiency at all times.
Economical – thanks to low life cycle costs
Life-cycle costs

Our comprehensive approach to life cycle cost management: Superior efficiency, easy operation, service-friendliness, and the latest in technology to keep performance high well into the future.


Product details


Drive motor

Energy-saving blower motor

  • IE3 high-efficiency motor
  • Insulation Class F, IP 55 protection
  • Three PTC thermistors as standard
  • Calibrated with OFC frequency controller for variable speed systems
  • Easily accessible, central lubrication port to regrease motor bearings for fast and safe maintenance.

Power transmission

  • High efficiency
  • V-belt guard for safe operation
  • Automatic belt tensioning for consistently high power transmission ratio
  • Belt tensioning device also serves as motor lifting device when changing the belt.


  • Oil line next to the enclosure door permits quick and easy changes of gear lubrication oil.
  • Easy access for all maintenance tasks through removable panels on the sound enclosure

Sound insulation

  • The system’s blower and motor cooling air is drawn in from outside the sound enclosure from the cooler ambient surroundings for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Effective sound-proofing provided by thick-walled lining with dense foam and dampening louvers over intake and exhaust openings
  • Absorption silencer minimizes process air pulsation downstream from the blower block.
  • Low residual pulsation and therefore minimal sound transfer to downstream piping.


Blower axial fan

  • Axial sound enclosure fan with separate motor for optimal cooling, particularly with variable-speed operation
  • Drive motor equipped with own cooling air intake for maximum efficiency
  • External process air intake
Perfectly matched accessories

Unloaded start

AFE unloaded start valve

The optional unloaded start valve (USV) is located within the sound enclosure.

Start control (STC)

Start control (STC)

Control cabinet includes: wye-delta starter (with remote operation capability), sound enclosure fan control, operating hours counter, and KAESER CONTROL (the interface to Kaeser's service facility).

OFC-type frequency control

OFC-type frequency control

Frequency control enables infinite blower speed adjustment and, with the addition of a pressure sensor, also enables pressure regulation. The control unit coordinates operation of the frequency controller and the blower unit. Flexibility is further enhanced by the supplied signal output / input and Profibus connections.

Technical specifications

Standard version

ModelHB 1300 PI HB 1600 PI
Max. pressure differential – Gauge pressure psi 14.5 11.6
Max. usable flow rate cfm 4,414 5,509
Max. pressure differential – Underpressure psi 7.3 6.5
Max intake volume cfm 4,341 5,413
Max. rated motor power hp 335 335
Connection diameter DN 300 300
Dimensions without sound enclosure
W x D x H in
106.7 x 63 x 92.5 106.7 x 63 x 92.5
Max. mass without sound enclosure lb 7,639 7,992
Dimensions with sound enclosure
W x D x H in
126.2 x 84.6 x 102.8 126.2 x 84.6 x 102.8
Max. mass with sound enclosure lb 9,447 9,800