Tow behind or truck-mounted air compressors up to 92 cfm

M27 portable compressors in tow-behind or truck-mount options

Our portable compressors are maneuverable in traffic and on the building site and ensure reliable performance even in cold conditions thanks to our Anti-Frost Control.

Utility models feature a durable, powder-coated steel cabinet, as well as both and short side forklift slots and a single-point lifting bail for easy mounting and dismounting.

Your advantages

  • Reliable and easy on equipment even in the cold:
    Together with the optional tool lubricator, Anti-Frost Control extends the service life and availability of the compressor and tools.
  • No special license required for towing:
    Most of our compact models weigh in at under 1700 lb, which permits towing with lighter vehicles.

Our M27/M27U portable compressors in detail

Anti-Frost Control

Optimal protection at low temperatures

Anti-Frost Control logo
  • Prevents breakers from freezing up
  • Extends service life of pneumatic tools
  • No manual adjustments needed

The Kaeser Anti-Frost Control is a combination of thermostatic valves which guarantees that the ideal operating temperature, based on the ambient temperature, is quickly reached and maintained regardless of the weather conditions. This technology has demonstrated its reliability thousands of times. It is no longer necessary to switch manually from summer to winter mode. This also eliminates the possibility of operating errors.