Kaeser at the Hannover Messe: Innovative and sustainable from the very beginning

This year marks the 75th birthday of the Hannover Messe, at which Kaeser Kompressoren has been an exhibitor since 1954. For the compressed air specialist based in the Bavarian region of Upper Franconia, it has always been very important not merely to be a producer of compressed air components. Even then, economy, efficiency, dependability and sustainability were key criteria behind all of the company’s new developments, driven by constant innovation and refinement. Naturally, this remains true for the new products that will be launched in 2023.

CSD rotary screw compressor
The CSD and CSDX impress with high efficiency, cost savings and sustainability.

Trade fairs are mostly oriented towards the refinement and innovation of products, and product development is oriented towards the requirements and demands of customers. However, it is not only the optimisation of individual products that constitutes the benchmark for innovation, but also the mode of operation and the interaction between all components in a compressed air station. All Kaeser products are oriented towards the needs of the customer; they are developed, designed and built in Germany before making their way out all across the world. As a compressed air systems provider, Kaeser Kompresoren offers solutions for every industrial requirement relating to compressed air. Since 1954, the Hannover Messe has been the leading trade fair for the company, playing a key role in the introduction of new products to market.

This year, particular focus is being laid on rotary screw compressors from the CSD/CSDX range, oil-free compression CSG-series compressors and the Aquamat i.CF condensate treatment device. The most important highlight of the compressors is their low energy consumption, which is the result of a variety of sophisticated solutions. Both model series impress with drives of the best possible efficiency class, thanks to state-of-the-art synchronous reluctance motors and optimal component layout, which results in particularly low pressure losses whilst reducing energy costs and improving the customer’s CO² footprint.

The CSG series is equipped with a revised airend featuring the optimised Sigma Profile and innovative jacket-cooling for the compressor housing, which produce an exceptional improvement in system efficiency.

With the intelligent Aquamat i.CF, Kaeser Kompressoren has redefined condensate treatment. Available for delivery volumes up to 90 m³/min, this new oil-water separator now comes equipped for the first time with the Aquamat Control internal controller, which undertakes active management of the process whilst simplifying maintenance planning and making service work safe and environmentally friendly.

All Kaeser rotary screw compressors impress when it comes to the question of sustainability. Not only do they operate extremely economically, but they are produced in Germany to the strictest quality standards and requirements. Exceptional durability means they can serve a company for many decades to come. Should it ever become necessary to replace them, many of the components used in their manufacture are recyclable. When it comes to your compressed air supply, Kaeser also represents a plus point with regard to nature and the environment.

All product mentioned here can be viewed at the Hannover Messe in Hall 4, Stand 12 and at the outdoor exhibition area on Stand F 159.

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CSD rotary screw compressor

The CSD and CSDX impress with high efficiency, cost savings and sustainability.

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CSG-2 rotary screw compressor

The CSG series, on the right with integrated i.HOC (Heat of Compression) rotation dryer, delivers oil-free compressed air safely, dependably, economically and efficiently.

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Aquamat separator for compressed air treatment

The active, intelligent Aquamat i.CF – clean, safe and modular.

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